Administration System - A Simple Transparent System

A training plan is only as good as the administration and reporting system behind it. For this reason, HE India have created secured online class administration system, increasing administration efficiency and information transfer between customers, road safety trainers in HE India. We have developed an  administration system, which is a comprehensive database management system, that enables to feed in all relevant data and track any person who has been trained by HE with all details of the course attended, the date, the grading received by him and the name of the trainer who trained him and where the training took place.
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  • It can be accessed from any PC having an internet connection and the username and password registered by HE. This system can be assessed by anyone who is authorized to do so by a password generated by HE.
  • It is a user-friendly system and requires only a basic knowledge of computers and requires less a minute to feed in and extract the required details for each candidate.
Presentation System
database management system

How it works

It is a user-friendly database management system, that works at the touch of a button, at any point of time during day or night.

  • Participants detail.

  • Training location and time.

  • Trainer name and contact information.

  • Class attendance and dates.

  • Interim reports, objective reports, end of training reports.

  • Output of road safety training certificate and cards.

  • The system also reflects the date for  renewal/refresher/advance training programs of any individual or organization through a “Pop-up” in due course of time.