Akrosh - Road rage

It is a new urban phenomenon which is also contributing in precious lives being lost in the roads. The increasing intolerance level of drivers towards other road users complimented handsomely by stress of leading a hectic time bound life leads often to a situation where the saying “might is right” gets practically tested in the city roads.
Read moreEvery now and then at every nook and corner we get to see people hurling abuses at fellow road users and even don’t hesitate to get into physical scuffle to the extent that it sometimes leads to deaths. This module highlights some of the factors responsible for road rage and ways to minimize or avoid it. HE India has been offering customized Road Safety training programs to address this critical issue through its defensive driving training in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Vadodara, Hyderabad, and other major cities and towns in India.
aakrosh course

Courses Content and Methodology

The major topics covered are:


  • Traffic Jams
  • Provocation
  • Right of way
  • Wrong indication of vehicle manoeuvring
  • Unusually slow driving

Driver behaviour and attitude

  • Assessing situations
  • Presence of mind
  • Decision making ability
  • Ability to self-distract from provocation
  • Patience
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Minimising Road Rage

      • Time management

      • Abstain from alcohol and drugs

      • Controlling stress

      • Proper physical and mental condition

      • Avoid eye contact with potential offenders

    Practical Assessment:

    Since such scenarios cannot be replicated during a training, the driver behaviour is assessed by making a second car follow closely to him keeping it oblivious from him and then judging his reactions in handling the situation followed by a briefing session on any deviation seen from expected behaviour.