Presentation System - The Audio - Visual Presentation System

India presentation system is a full-fledged bar-coded system that covers training program for all categories of vehicles; from two-wheeler to trainers, from rural roads to express highways, from bullock-carts to the latest high-speed vehicles. This system is protected by a dongle which allows it to operate only if it is inserted in the USB slot and will prevent any action to download or copy the presentation. Its inbuilt mechanism helps in feeding and storing all relevant data pertaining to driver records, to assessment details.
Read moreEach trainer has a training manual with which he uses a bar code reader. The advantage is that it gives the trainer the ability to respond to the demands of the trainees, even it means a small deviation from the topic in hand! Inbuilt in this system, there are approximately 3500 pictures and 70 videos on Indian road safety scenario, New technologies like; braking systems-disc brakes and drum brakes, ABC and ordinary brakes, vehicle dynamics, braking distances, safety features-air bags and seat belts, Anti-Braking Systems (ABS) or traction control, the effect of alcohol on drivers, the use of mobile phones while driving, use of helmets on a two-wheeler, the use of the front and rear brakes on a two-wheeler are integral part of that has been covered in the presentation system.
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The Sectionized Training Module

It is divided into 6 parts. It begins with the basics that are necessary for any kind of road user and then moves onto other specific vehicles starting from two wheelers then moving onto Light Motor Vehicles (LMV), the a step further to Heavy Transport Vehicles(HTV) and Heavy Passenger Vehicles(HPV), and articulated vehicles and then to specific vehicles like transit mixture carriers and Hazardous Chemical carriers.
Read moreIt is a comprehensive manual and has all data and information that will be required by the trainer. Every photograph and video is bar coded to allow for flexibility and a detailed explanation for each of these is given below the photo graph. The presentation system is also designed such that it can be operated without the bar-coding system. We also have a number of pages dedicated to only the dynamics of a vehicle, a topic not much understood by most drivers. Another features of the manual is the video file that it contains. We have video of very high impact for “shock treatment” to make the drivers realize the damage that can be done and also on how to avoid such situations and escape from them.