VAP – Vehicle Assessment Procedure (VAP)

VAP is a special procedure conceptualized by Hubert Ebner for periodical assessment of vehicle. VAP conforms to audits of vehicles and ensure that vehicles meet the stipulated norms based on usage and time factor. HE India adheres to the CMVR Act of Government of India in this aspect to ensure the fittest vehicle are on the roads.
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Objective :-

The main objective for conducting VAP is:

    • To ensure compliance in terms of vehicle roadworthiness and statutory documentation.

    • To strengthen the process of compliance and ensure consistency in terms of vehicle management.

    • Get the vendors to adopt a voluntary code of compliance.

    • Create a platform for sustaining the improvement in standards.

The aim of VAP is to ensure that all vehicles, engaged in operations are certified “Safe” according to a clearly defined inspection & certification procedure

vehicle assessment
vehicle assessment plans

Content & Methodology

VAP Consists of two processes

1) The first, deals with a scrutiny of compliance of legal aspects of the vehicle such as registration, fitness certificate (Commercial Vehicles), road tax, pollution certificate validity. 2) The second deals with the assessment concerning the physical aspects of the vehicle (Road worthiness)

Vehicle History Sheet

Each vehicle must have a history sheet (format provided by HE), which should be maintained by each vendor for his respective vehicle. Certain aspects of work done on the vehicle including accidents, repairs, replacements, shall be briefly recorded in this sheet