Road safety Audit & Risk Assessment

Hubert Ebner India Pvt. Ltd. (HE) an Indo Austrian venture, is a leading expert in the domain of road safety providing solution to esteemed clients over a period of time with their various training and services. One of their key competencies has been to conduct Traffic Management & Risk Assessment profiling inside the plant locations. Expert professionals backed with state-of-art technology, enables the organization to identify and address the risk & hazards based on the mitigation plan post profiling.

plant study
road safety audit and risk assessment

Scope of Work

  • The Road safety Audit & Risk Assessment are conducted within the plant premises to identify the risk in all types of traffic operations within the plant.
  • The work includes identifying the risk along with mitigation plans.
  • Survey and recommendation for pedestrian safety Road Signs, Road Marking
  • Locate the Black Spot & Mitigate Plan
  • Traffic Movement/ Bifurcating the Pedestrian Movement
  • Visibility Obstructions survey and recommendations
  • Assessment of Road & Traffic hazards.